Digital Signing Server

This signature server provides all the features that are required to produce legally binding signatures as specified in the SigG law. As this requires extremely high security standards and requirements that must be fulfilled the internal processes are enclosed. The integration is simple due to the fact that only standard interfaces have been used for this implementation.

Digital Verifying Service Business Process

This piece of software allows you to check the validity and authenticity of incoming documents and their accompanying signatures. Not only is the digital signature and the document checked thoroughly, it is possible in addition to this to check the certificate's attributes as well as the entire certificate chain.

The solution can be directly integrated into your existing processes and offers, among other things, a verification protocol in PDF format, which can be stored together with the data and signature.

Digital Verifying Service Online

We have created a web-based solution using as a frame of reference the verification services designed for universal business process. Our solution can be adapted to your corporate design & identity and is easy to integrate into your e-business environment. By using an optional white list function, you can ensure that your customers only verify the signatures that you have generated, if they wish to do so.

At you can use the free web-based electronic signature verifier. You can also use the verification protocol functionality by downloading the PDF file found on the site. With this document you can easily use the electronic process for signature verification.


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