All about Digital Electronic Signatures

In addition to providing quality products, we extend our services by providing consultation service. We advise our customers about digital electronic signatures when they are about to introduce, maintain or support their existing processes and systems in their existing environments.

We offer this consultation service independently and without recourse to our product portfolio.

Coaching and Training Your Staff

In our service portfolio you will find in addition to our product and consultation services the following training and mentoring activities:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • System Analysis
  • IT System Conceptualization
  • Software engineering with J2EE
  • Testing J2EE Systems
  • Configuration Management
  • Change Management

Technology Serves Business Needs

We believe that software should serve business needs and that requires an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. This basic philosophy has allowed us to support customers in the following areas:

  • Process Analysis & Optimisation
  • Process Design
  • Process Optimisation
  • All round IT Security

Free Digital Signature Verification

As an additional service, we provide you with the opportunity to check the quality of your digitally signed documents against the official signature criteria set out in the German Federal Law pertaining to Qualified Electronic Signatures SigG

You can use this free service at

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